Saturday, May 17, 2008

More of Vietnam

According to a sign close by this is the end of the world.
Bridge in the jungle as we were looking for the ancient temple ruins.
I was asked recently when my friend saw this picture, "Were the bugs bad, did you see any snakes or crazy insects or anything?" It looks pretty crazy I guess, but it was not at all bad, no problems, we saw one lizard but it was not anything to tell a story about. More than anything else there were a lot of butterflies. It was the most beautiful, peaceful hike that I have been on in a long time.
Both Jorie and Audrey are close to the same height as this woman. She sold us some bananas, this is on the Japanese Bridge, notice Audrey's peace.
I like to tease Jorie about how she puts out the peace sign in a lot of pictures these days. I think it has something to do with the water. This isn't popular in the states is it?

Silk worm breeding tour, the white stuff is hundreds of worms, 3 days old. The green is mostly leafs with a few worms. Motorcycle tour, the guide drove Bentz and I since I don't have motorcycle skills like Beau.

We drove past a wedding and they asked us to take pictures. Aparently Bentz was not done looking at the bride in this picture. Thanks for helping with the pose Audrey.
This is the pride of my photography for the trip. I think it looks like a postcard. I just have to say that if you take enough pictures (i.e. 480 in 4 days) something is bound to turn out GREAT!


Jana said...

I am still so jealous of your adventures. Are you going to be in Utah this summer? Let me know. Miss you!!

Abbigail said...

Wow! Talk about out of touch.... I didn't even know you guys were living in Asia and that you have three kids! Where does the time go? We are still in AA and I finished grad school, now home with my daughter. I just recently got over some serious sickness where I was in the hospital FOREVER! so yeah..... nice to see your photos and to sort of catch up!

Lindsay said...

seeing these darling pictures makes us miss you guys!! What awesome adventures! We look forward to hangin' when you're back in the states...XO,Linds & Keith

Kricket said...

What fun adventures! What are you guys doing over there? What is your husband's job? I would love to hear from you so send me an e-mail.

Debbie Shakespeare said...

Wow! Looks like you guys are having all kinds of wonderful adventures! Thanks for the pictures and the updates. I love you, Aunt Debbie

Stephanie said...

It is Stephanie (Porter) Marcum. What in the world are you doing all across the world. I found your blog from Kricket's blog. It sounds like you are living in Hong Kong. What does your husband do? It sounds like Kricket and I have the same questions. My husband went to Hong Kong on his mission. He is curious what branch you are in? Sounds crazy. You must speak Cantonese then. Fun, fun. Our blog spot is if you want to check out our wonderful yet dull life in the states.
Love ya, Steph