Thursday, March 27, 2008

Making A Comeback

So I have a lot of work to do. My last attempt at posting was unsuccessful and extremely frustrating. Our computer recently crashed, this was a first for me. We backed up our pictures just before we left California for Hong Kong so we were fortunate enough to only loose 1 year of pictures. I am working on recovering what I can from everyone. So if I sent you any pictures or if we were with you sometime in the last year and you took pictures of our family then please let me know, Thanks.

Our most recent excitement was a trip for just Beau and I to Angkor Wat Cambodia. I sent pictures out already so I will only post one from Angkor Wat.

Last week we went camping for a couple days. Interesting in a few ways. One, we took a ferry and a taxi to get 1 kilometer away from the site and hiked in with the kids and all the gear. Two, our friends were with us, one brave father with his three children. Three, first camping experience as a family and first time camping in Hong Kong. Good Times!

Just today I was out and about in Hong Kong with the kids. We went to the zoo, the main library (huge), a quick run through IKEA where Bentz slept on a bed for about 30 minutes and took the street car back to Central (down town) to catch the ferry back to Discovery Bay. A very adventurous day!

Well, That is all for now. Have a wonderful day!