Friday, June 8, 2007


So no matter where we live in this world we get into routines and life just happens. Every once in a while I have to take a big breath and soak it in. School, gymnastics, groceries, "I want a snack" 50 times a day, Beau working late, rain storms, what's for dinner, reading the same book again, I don't want to go to bed (the kids), collapsing at the end of the day (me), and then it all starts over again.

So what is special lately? Birthdays; Beau April 21, Buddha May 24 (public holiday, yeah), Bentz May 29 (one year, wow that was fast). Bentz got his first hair cut, so handsome! Bentz is drinking cows milk, no more mommy milk. Finally had some of our pictures hung in our apartment.

Beau and I are 30, a friend of mine cleared up what 30 is; "30 is not old it's just the end of being young." No matter what everyone older than me says "you're not old" and people younger than me don't really have much to say. I believe that is because 30 is the end of being young!

Another thought: While discussing how great it is to have a babysitter, a friend said "we had kids so they could be around" what a great thought, I have to admit I need to be more appreciative of the great kids I have, but we all need a break sometimes!

I think that is enough for now. Hope you like the pictures. Hope all is well with you! We are so excited to go home for a visit.