Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Beau

Beau is really getting old now. Of course I can only say that for a few more weeks until we become the same age again. We went to dinner to celebrate.
Bentz had some super CHEESEY macaroni and cheese.
Other than Beau's Birthday we are just hanging out. Our kids all love to read, so awesome!
Jorie and Audrey think Bentz is a doll, sometimes literally. They got a little carried away this time. Obviously Dad was not home at the time.
Too Bad! Cause here comes the coolest kid on the block; he is comfortable with his masculinity.

Our next trip will be to Hoi An, Vietnam. We are really excited for this trip, always fun with the kids. Every country seems to have something different and interesting to offer. We feel so fortunate to be able to visit so many places while we are living here. The best part is, our trip to the States once a year gives us enough miles for one or two trips within Asia. Most countries are fairly cheap for hotel and food as well. This is not an advertisement but I hope you know that you are always welcome to come and visit.