Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tai O

A few weeks ago we visited a 300 year old fishing village. There were a lot of interesting things to look at. Dried fish fresh fish cooked fish. There were houses on stilts above the water and bridges and loads of boats. There were a couple of Buddhist Temples. We enjoyed wondering around the village for the day. The girls picked out some fans and really liked the dried sea horses. Beau and I were impressed with the dried shark skins. It is so neat to show so many different things to the girls within a short bus ride or ferry ride. We feel so fortunate to be here in Hong Kong. We hope you enjoy hearing about our experiences. We look forward to sharing more with you.

more Thailand pictures

Phuket Thailand

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Thailand. We had fun riding Elephants through the jungle, riding a speed boat around to a few islands, snorkeling, having the girls hair braided, getting massages(so affordable), swimming and eating in the pool, playing at the beach(the water was so warm), collecting seashells, and riding a motorcycle around exploring.
Hope all is well with everyone, we look forward to seeing a lot of family and friends this summer when we are in the states for a few weeks. We love you all. Take care!