Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally an update!

Okay I knew it had been awhile, but not that long. Yes we are still in Hong Kong. Beau is fortunate enough to still have a job. I have no idea what it is like in the states with the exception of what I hear from family. I hope everyone that might view this blog is well.

We have been busy, as I am sure you are. It is crazy how fast time flies. My kids are all growing up too fast. Bentz is nearly three now! I still call him my baby every once in a while.

Beau- Still an amazing person and the best companion I ever could have been blessed with. Beau participated in the 100km MacLehose trailwalker charity event. He and three teammates hiked for 100km in Hong Kong and completed the course in 30 something hours. They all did great! Now Beau is trying to plan a trip with some friends to do something cool like drive a mountain bike through the mountains of Vietnam.

Marjorie- A fantastic student at school and at piano lessons. She also enjoys her scetching class and recently started a swimming class at school, and a singing/dancing class. Jorie is constantly reading, recently she has read; Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Little house on the Prairie series, to name a few. We are always looking for more great books to feed to her brain if you have any suggestions please pass them our way. Jorie now rides her bike to and from school and receives her bus fare as an allowance. She is saving up to buy an American Girl Doll.

Audrey- Also a fabulous student at school and at home. Audrey loves to do everything that I do. She learns a lot. Audrey keeps up with Jorie most of the time. Audrey also participates in swimming lessons at school and a singing/dancing class with Jorie. Audrey rides her bike to and from school with Jorie and is saving her money also. (Don't know if she is old enough for an American Girl Doll yet) Audrey has become a very strong reader like her big sister, she enjoys reading Berenstein Bears and Dr. Suess and a series of chapter books about fairies.

Bentz- Still as adorable as ever, I can't get enough of this little guy! Bentz has a great little bike without pedals or training wheels he has learned to balance as he zooms down the street with his big sisters. I get a lot of comments on this amazing boy on his bike. Bentz loves swimming and playing and riding his bike whenever he can. I think he would sleep with his bike if I let him. Getting ready for potty training again, long story. He will earn a bike with pedals when he wears big boy underpants. Bentz loves the letters of the alphabet and will listen to anyone that will read to him. He reminds me of Jorie in that department, amazing attention span sometimes (He is still a boy).

I am always busy but don't feel like I am getting much done. I guess that is the blessing/curse of being a full time Mom. I am loving the time that I have to be with the kids and do fun activities, we have a new helper that started in Nov. She is great, making my life easier to focus on the kids and not so stressed about housework stuff. Sometimes I worry that I might loose my skills of balancing housework and kids, but i don't know that I ever really mastered that anyway. So I hope I will be able to handle life when we live in the U.S. again someday.

For Christmas Beau gave me a ticket to Thailand, two of my friends also received tickets. We had a girls weekend without kids a few weeks ago and it was a ton of fun. We saw some sights, shopped, got massages and shopped more. It was great! (and so cheap)

We moved at the beginning of March to a larger flat. We have really enjoyed the increased space, balcony and private rooms for the kids. Each of the girls have very small bedrooms and Bentz has a large room that serves as the playroom. We can host guests now much better than before. So anyone who wants to come please do! Beau's sister recently came for a week on her way to Thailand and we had a great time.

I almost forgot, We went to The Philippines again this year. Two weeks of January we were on the island of Palawan. We again took supplies to a school with Help One Future charity. What a great experience! We had the opportunity to get to know a handful of the students as they came to our rental house in the village every day after school. Seriously awesome, what more can I say. We went out boating and snorkeling, we saw some clown fish and their anemone's, so cool! Too many stories to tell on a keyboard.

Just a couple weeks ago we went camping at a campsite on the beach not too far away. It is a fun time with the kids, small enough that we can let them explore and not worry too much.

We feel very fortunate to be living here in Hong Kong and enjoying the many experiences that life here affords. We look forward to our visit home this summer. We will be in Utah for 6 weeks. Jorie will be baptised in August at Grandma Lefler's house. If anyone will be available for a visit please let us know.

Jorie returning from camping. Riding the ferry, April 2009

Audrey, camping at the beach, Lo Kei Wan - H.K. April 2009
Jorie, on a hike Feb 2009
Jorie, loves to climb trees. Feb 2009
Bentz, thrilled to throw rocks and make a big splash. Feb 2009
Audrey on our hike, Feb 2009
Bentz loves to Hike Feb 2009
Sunset, Palawan Philippines, 2009
Showing our friends how to play Duck-duck-goose. Palawan Philippines 2009

Bentz on a tricycle, Palawan Philippines 2009
Christmas 2008 H.K.
Pirate Bentz, Pippi Longstocking Jorie, Audrey the Bride, Halloween 2008
Beau and teammates resting after a meal on the MacLehose trail. Fall 2008
Audrey Jorie and Bentz entering a cave. Proud Dad following. Beau is a fan of caves. H.K.
Marjorie lost a tooth - again Fall 2008
Bentz watching his sisters jump from a cliff into the Rock Pools. Fall 2008
Audrey jumping from a cliff near Discovery Bay (where we live) Fall 2008
Jorie jumping from a cliff near Discovery Bay (where we live) Fall 2008
Audrey and Bentz each held a baby crocodile. Crocodile farm - Palawan Philippines
Palawan, Philippines January 2009

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance 2009, Jorie and Audrey on the left.
Camping close to home mid-April 2009


joni said...

Thanks for the update!! Sounds like you are all doing well. We are excited to see you soon!

emily said...

Hi Amy! SO FUN catching up with you guys on here! How are you? It sounds like you're all doing just GREAT. The kids are just beautiful and so BIG. My goodness, Jori was just a little baby back in the day in A2. And you look fabulous too! Bug hug to each of you! xoxo

Jillian said...

So glad to see what's going on! I've been wondering and worrying about you! You all look gorgeous!

Mark and Tamri said...

Sounds like you guys are having so much fun. I would definitely take you up on the offer... we just need some mulah, maybe in a few years (if you are still there).
We love you and miss you.

HW said...

What great pictures! Your children are SO beautiful. And you are living an amazing adventure. Thanks for the update.

Garrett said...

Thought I would take a moment and get caught up on the Lefler family. What a great update. I love hearing about your kids and all the exciting things you are doing. We at the Kerr home know how difficult it can be to let others know about our lives. I admire all you two do as parents and know you are doing a great job. Hug each other for me. Hope to hear from you and see you soon.