Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday Girls

Jorie had her Birthday on August 16th and was lucky enough to have her party with friends on her Birthday. She had a pajama party, we decorated pillow cases and teddy bears, gave toothpaste and toothbrushes for party favors. We watched the Parent Trap and had lots of fun! Hooray for 7 year old Jorie!

Audrey turned 5 on September 11th. Her party was more than a week later as we were out of town the weekend after her Birthday. Audrey had a beautiful party with frills and sparkles and pink (all that Audrey represents). We decorated "Fancy Nancy" purses. The girls dressed up, had their hair, nails, and make-up done. Each guest went home with a fancy purse, a boa, and lip gloss. Hooray for 5 year old Audrey!


Jenny said...

So happy to see the updates! Love the party ideas. We have a big princess frilly party to plan around here!

Did you hear we moved to Dallas? Mark decided to do the big law firm thing. So far his hours aren't bad...Ha, it's only been a month. We'll see. Texas is a lot prettier than I thought, but I still miss Michigan falls, being close to family and all the FRIENDS! We're still working on making some.
How is Hong Kong?!

Spencerandkirsty said...

Its about time you updated!!! I cant believe Jorie is 7 it seem like just yesterday you had her and we had come up to Salt Lake to see her. Hope everything is going good for you guys! We miss you!!

Hubers said...

I am shocked how much Jorie looks like you! I would have guessed that Audrey would look alot like Beau (which she does), but it's weird to see how grown up your kids are!
Hope you are well.
Happy, happy birthday to the girls!

Lindsay said...

Happy, happy birthdays Jorie and Audrey dears! Happy days will come to you all year...We loved your pictures! The parties looked fabulous.

Karen said...

Amy, You don't know me but your husband was one of my leaders on our mission in NYNYS. So fun to see your cute family.
(Karen Razy Condos)

Spencerandkirsty said...